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Re: Linux on Old Laptops

__/ [ Ray Ingles ] on Friday 19 May 2006 19:26 \__

> On 2006-05-19, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Mr North gave K/Ubuntu a poor score because its "large memory
>>> footprint" made it uninstallable on his machine.  But if he'd done a
>>> server install, then downloaded the xubuntu-desktop, I think his
>>> conclusions may have been very different.
>> Interesting. So he had the same problem as mine: insufficient memory.
>> Frankly, as you can see, I have not read the review in depth, but so many
>> people are reviving old laptops nowadays, so I thought it was relevant.
>  Yeah, the "server" install has much lower disk and RAM requirements. I
> think the new Dapper Drake is supposed to want 64MB minimum, but I'm
> planning on tying an install on my ancient P133/32MB/4GB(upgraded)
> laptop and see.

I  guess  it  will make a good driver for a  nice  digital  LCD-in-a-frame
around  the  house. Maybe a slideshow or a front-end at the  kitchen...  I
don't  know...  even  a music player... unless you need a server  of  some
sort.  Getting things working is one thing, but finding a suitable purpose
is  another  perplexing step, IMO. I have a desktop machine with the  same
specs as yours (P166MMX), but it remains in storage.

Best wishes,


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