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Re: Novell's Winning Strategy

__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Thursday 18 May 2006 16:21 \__

> I'm trying to remember, didn't SUSE grow at something lie 40% yty?

I can't recall the exact number, but 40% is what I remember also. The context
may have been different, so perhaps there is a mixup. Some of that growth,
however, is due to migrations from Novell on Windows, which kind of offsets
itself, if you know what I mean. The lost profit from NetWare can mean added
profit for SuSE. It's a transition of revenue streams, but under the same
company that governs this phased transition.

> You are correct that Netware revenues make up a big chunk of the
> business, but the increase in Linux revenues almost completely offset
> the loss of Netware revenues.
> If it weren't for SUSE Linux, Novell revenues would have been into
> free-fall.  Over the last two years, Novell has grown the Linux
> revenues by over 800%  (200% in 2004, 40% in 2005).  In the long run,
> the statement is accurate.  Quarter to Quarter, growth rate during slow
> periods may not completely offset each other.

Let's look at the past 30 days is isolation...

Reuters Partners With Novell

Dell, Novell Make It Easy To Manage Linux In The Enterprise

Novell brands its own open-source religion

"Novell Open Workgroup Suite provides a complete desktop-to-server
solution-at up to 70% less than what you might be paying with Microsoft"

Novell Delivers Device Driver Breakthrough to Accelerate Linux

Novell trains Oracle consultants on Suse Linux enterprise server

I think Novell are doing justttt fineeeee......

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