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Let's get going? LOL (Re: GNU/Linux to Distribute Java)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> GNU/Linux distros get OK to distribute Java
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Sun has legally cleared the way for GNU/Linux distributions such as
> | Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo to bundle Sun's Java Runtime Environment
> | (including the Java Virtual Machine) as a part of their packaging.
> `----
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=3048

I don't do client side desktop, but it looks like it'll become much
easier to work and distribute Java desktop apps on Linux
distros....good news for everyone....

Looks like some people are excited about this ;-)



JDK on GNU/Linux: Something Wonderful

Something wonderful just happened. If you have ever tried to install
the Java platform on GNU/Linux, you'll know it's been really hard work.
For reasons that date back to the 90s, and which were never meant to
cause GNU/Linux a problem (as at the time it wasn't really on the
radar), the Java platform has been licensed in such a way that
GNU/Linux distributions couldn't carry it. In addition, the
Sun-provided installer for GNU/Linux has, to be charitable, sucked.

All that just ended. An unprecedented collection of Debian developers,
Ubuntu developers, Sun engineers and Sun lawyers has spent months
devising a new binary license for the Java platform, together with the
parts for new installers, so that the Java platform is available on
GNU/Linux in a way that "just works". Yes, you can now apt-get install
sun-java5-jre and have it install without fuss on Debian and Ubuntu.
Gentoo will have it soon too.

This is not just for those distros. Novell has endorsed the new
license, NexentaOS, Belenix and Schillix are all using it and all other
GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris distros are welcome - e-mail me if you have a
distro and need help.

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