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Re: Linux Games (was: KDE 3.5.2)

__/ [ Peter Jensen ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 20:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> While  I  know  it's  not 'KDE impact', would you  consider  adopting
>> and extending  Othello  Master, which I stopped developing in 2002/3?
>> It is  a stable release, but it could use some L you V... maybe port
>> the existing C framework  to  implement checkers or backgammon on the
>> boardgame?  It's  a nice  OpenGL environment which I developed from
>> scratch (GPL'd of course).  Even has a Win32 port.
> Hmm ... My skills regarding GUI applications lie mainly with QT-based
> stuff, so it would definitely require quite a bit of time to familiarize
> myself with OpenGL and the framework.  Haven't looked at the source and
> its quality yet, so it's hard to tell how big the job would be.  The
> KBackgammon changes were just small bits I threw in when I had a spare
> couple of minutes (of course these changes accumulate over time), and my
> familiarity with QT/KDE definitely helped there.  Not sure I'll get that
> kind of time again over the summer, what with the satellite that still
> needs to have its software written ...

Let me know if you change you mind or find some spare time. The scale of the
code is not high and it is very well laid (modularity) and well document in
my opinion (which is of course biased). I wouldn't mind if you changed the
name, bastardised the code and took it elsewhere. I would even encourage
that so possessiveness is not a peril.

Best wishes,


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