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Re: Motorola, Like Nokia, Develop Linux Phones

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> I wonder if your view was somehow backed by some statistics in:
> http://money.cnn.com/2006/05/15/technology/gates_otellini.reut/index.htm?section=cnn_tech

Gates is scared. Computing ubiquity is moving towards mobile (and
consumer) devices and Windows Mobile is just a niche player in the mix.

Here's a blog entry about news starting to trickle out of JavaOne,
which started today, stuff like open source java, mobiles, Java EE,


Now there's a guy from Motorola on stage. He's the guy who originally
introduced Java at this conference 11 years ago. The next few years
will be
 just as crazy as the last 10 years for Java - only it will  happen on
 high-speed mobile network. In the mobile space, their are a  lot of
  proprietary things going on. By encouraging and using Java,
 can be developed and deployed easily across many mobile  devices.
 is selling 200 million phones this year. They've  shipped 90 million
in the
 last 6 months. Java needs to stay unified so  write-once, run anywhere
 on all devices. Motorola is publishing  many open source projects for
 and Linux on http://opensource.motorola.com. To summarize, Motorola
 out-ships the PC industry.

*Posted by Opera Mini Java browser on a Nokia 9300 while pondering the
dark and cloudy  NJ skies.

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