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Re: Rex Ballard; +1 (Insightful)

  • Subject: Re: Rex Ballard; +1 (Insightful)
  • From: captain.pike@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 16 May 2006 11:24:55 -0700
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ captain.pike@xxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 18:04 \__
> > Is this person some kind of reverse troll who pretends to like Linux
> > but whose motive is in fact to discredit Linux? After pondering some of
> > his musings I come to conclusion that Mr. Ballard is <snip />.After reading
> > his CV I did an internet google search and came
> > up with a link that seems to indicate that Mr. Ballard is employed by
> > ibm. If that is the case it gives new meaning to the phrase "this is
> > not your father's ibm"
> > http://www.ibm.com/contact/employees/us/
> > Search Results.
> > The following employee(s) were found.
> > Rexford E. Ballard
> > Email: rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxxx
> > Telephone: 1-908-578-6803
> > Location: Piscataway, USA
> >
> > <snip what="sick insults">
> Are you so mentally disturbed that you bother to search staff directories?
> stalking someone whose opinions  tend to be very worthwhile to this group?
> The one who is disturbed appear to be yourself. You have become obsessed.
> --
> Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "The only source is Open Source"
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Search staff directories?
Try using google, bonehead.
The first hit has him listing his ibm email address. I was just
checking to see if he was bullshitting about that as well because I
don't believe a word he writes.
Stalking? That's a good one. One quick google on a person whose name is
splattered all over the group in effect polluting what little decent
context is left in this sorry group.
I post one message, two if you include this one and I'm obsessed?
You, Roy Schestowitz post hundreds of messages a week in effect
spamming this group and others as well and you call me obsessed? You
seem to be obsessed with comp.os.linux.advocacy and Linux.
Does your University know you are using their infrastructure to post
They do now.Have a nice day.

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