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[News] More Professional Video Editing in Linux

MainConcept MainActor v5.5.7 For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source operating system, Linux, has been exploding in popularity
| for good reasons. It's got stability, it's light on the computer's
| resources, several great GUIs are available for it, and you can get it
| already packaged with a good selection of great applications, and there
| are thousands of other powerful applications available and in
| development. Also, you can get several distributions of it absolutely
| free.
| Perhaps the only weakness for digital artists has been the lack of
| solid video editing apps for Linux - not that there aren't any
| in development! SourceForge.net alone lists 9455 multimedia projects
| (not all for Linux, but all open source), and Freshmeat.net lists 5948.
| It seems promising that there will be a near-future explosion of good
| multimedia applications, but right now, what is the working digital
| artist who is using Linux supposed to edit video with?
| Well, MainConcept , a leading producer of digital video products has
| stepped in to fill the void with a solid, 32-bit video-editing program
| called MainActor. MainActor is available in a version for Microsoft
| Windows as well, and your purchase of the product key will unlock both,
| which can be a plus for those working on multiple platforms. You can
| also download versions that are optimized for SuSE 9.2 Linux, or
| Mandriva Linux.


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