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Re: Microsoft Confront IBM

I think it's really nice that Microsoft is letting IBM draw so much
fire.  It keeps them from being quite so inclined to deal with other
competitors such as Sun, who would love to take a big chunk of
Microsoft's market, or Apple, whose ads sound like echos of Linux
advocates over the last 15 years.  And like Unix advocates over the
last 25 years.

It keeps the attention off the fact that Oracle, Borland, Corel, SAP,
Seibel, and hundreds of other companies have been very quitely and
covertly supporting Linux, and offer Linux based solutions.

The irony is that IBM doesn't own Linux, and doesn't WANT to own Linux.
 They buy their Linux from Red Hat and Novell just like millions of
other companies and individuals.

They did contribute a few hundred lines of code under the GPL, based on
experiences learned from OS/360, OS/400, MVS, VM/CMS, CICS, and IMS,
but even that has been contributed on a royalty-free/patent-free basis.

It doesn't mention any of IBM's major competitors like BEA, Oracle,
Tibco, WebMethods, and so many others, who are ALSO competing very
successfully using Linux.

Thanks for the free publicity Microsoft.

You can't buy that kind of publicity.


Rex Ballard

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