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Re: Firefox-only sites - bad policy?

__/ [ Jim ] on Thursday 25 May 2006 08:56 \__

> asj wrote:
>> Some sites are firefox only sites (a javascript redirects IE-users to
>> Firefox main page). Because of this, a link to one site in Wikipedia
>> was pulled, although no such rule against it seems to be in their
>> policy guide.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Leafcutter_ant#No_policy
> omg, that's worse than IE-only!
> No, seriously.
> IE uses Frontpage extensions. Lazy web developers who use these
> instantly lock nigh on every other browser out there and break with w3c
> standards. Sucks to be a Firefox user if you want to get on to your bank
> and their WI is IE specific.

I know exactly what you mean. For Webmasters, it gets even worse. They get
plenty of 404's requesting DLL's from a Linux servers. Th Web browser is
scanning and probing, requesting inexistent files. It adds to a lot of
'noise' in the logs. For that reason, I redirect all such requests to

> That's why w3c standards exist; to allow one to view a site, as it was
> intended to appear, regardless of browser or chassis colour.

Yes! *raises glass*

Best wishes,


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