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Re: Good article about t hat "/" or "index.htm" thing

  • Subject: Re: Good article about t hat "/" or "index.htm" thing
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 11:18:51 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ www.1-script.com ] on Thursday 25 May 2006 02:21 \__

> Big Bill wrote:
> Some people, including my reckless self also have (had) it in these
> variations:
> http://mysite.com/
> http://www.mysite.com/
> http://mysite.com/index.php
> http://www.mysite.com/index.php
> http://mysite.com/index.php?SESS_ID=xxxxxxx01
> http://www.mysite.com/index.php?SESS_ID=xxxxxxx01
> http://mysite.com/index.php?SESS_ID=xxxxxxx02
> http://www.mysite.com/index.php?SESS_ID=xxxxxxx02
> You get the idea
> Hunders of different URIs all resolving to the same page! Took me a while
> to understand why I lost almost all Google traffic. But then, again, do I
> build sites for Google or for people? For people it didn't matter ...

That's where the issue of dilution comes up. For instance, think about
diaries/calendars in blogs. For people these may be useful, but to search
engines, this seems undesirable. It leads to dupes. If only search engines
could practice judgment. They talk about AI in their (Google's) search
engine nowadays... big media buzz.

>> http://www.here-be-posters.co.uk/salvador-dali-prints.htm
> Here is my favorite poster from your (affiliate) collection:
> it's a shame I don't have 62" of continuous wall space here, I would not
> mind having that one posted ;-)
> BTW, in this day and age of duplicate content penalties (I'm sorry - wrong
> choice of word - filters), are you getting any traction with this
> affiliate content at all?

Bear in mind that, in relation to your site, Google Groups is not listed
among Web results. Even my *own* messages are being echoed elsewhere...

A big concern are also press releases that reach several pages via XML

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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