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Re: Open Source Takes Over the Database Market

Gustavo Vasquez wrote in
<1148512045.097871.311540@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Wed, May 24 2006
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Open Source Soaks Database Market
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Open-source database software, once a curiosity, is becoming a force in
>> | the $13.8 billion market.
>> |
>> | Ingres, MySQL and a handful of other open-source providers accounted
>> | for license, maintenance and subscription revenue of $100 million in
>> | 2005, an increase of 47%, according to a report by Gartner analyst
>> | Colleen Graham.
>> `----
> Gee wiz. 100 mil of the 13.8 billion database market is way less than 1
> percent. Is this some sort of joke or something. Now wait, you and your
> headline is a joke.

That's just the tangible figures.  You forget:  Open source software revenue
is not going to be as high as one might expect, and there is no real
reliable way to track its permeation throughout the market.  For example, I
have five machines, all running Linux, three running MySQL and one running
PostgreSQL for another project.  You don't see me paying for software
support and licenses, because I've no need to do so.  Hence, I don't count
in the statistics, because I'm just a consumer, not a buyer.

Consider more before you post.  Your posts are really grating.


Registered Linux User #417338, machine #325045.

Windows *is* simple: You just point, click, and pray.

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