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Re: [News] Windows Vista Beta 2: The key word is 'Beta'

__/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Wednesday 24 May 2006 20:00 \__

> Apparently Beta 2 is available.  It's also "quirky".
> http://www.MYFINGERmsnbc.msn.com/id/12932382/

 Pull my finger  ^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I cannot believe that something like this comes from the devils themselves.

>     I've just spent the past four days living and breathing Microsoft's
>     Windows Vista Beta 2.
>     I would like to tell you how easy it was to install and how much fun
>     Ive had using Vista Beta 2 over the past few days, but I cant. Thats
>     because the combination of Beta 2 and the laptop computers I tried
>     to install it on was like trying to mix oil and water.

Heard that before.


,----[ Quote ]
| To be perfectly fair to Ubuntu I had also played with a copy of Vista
| beta. My sound card was not found, the ethernet adapter was not found,
| and my graphics has severe issues. So all in all the Ubuntu beta is
| ahead of Vista right now.

>     The stuff that works on Vista seems to work well. But getting the
>     Beta on to a computer was another matter. Installing Vista Beta 2,
>     for me was one of the worst operating system experiences that Ive
>     ever encountered.
>     It took me days to install a working version on a new Lenovo
>     ThinkPad X60 laptop with 2GB of memory and all sorts of built-in
>     wireless networking. I tried installing it as an update to the
>     laptops Windows XP  but after four hours of churning away the laptop
>     shut down and wouldnt reboot.
>     ...
> The rest of the article details some of the other
> frustrations, but this is a very bad start, at least for
> this particular laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad X60 (2GB RAM,
> built-in wireless, unknown but probably plenty of disk
> space).

Let me guess that a writer for MSN did not try that forbidden O/S from the
"Labour Union"...

> There's some other minor problems during Gary's testing that really
> can't be blamed on Vista, though:
>     I did try installing Vista on two other laptops. One, it turns out,
>     needs a new Real Time Clock battery (a trip to the manufacturer is
>     needed) and another which had a massive hard drive failure at the
>     beginning of the installation process.
>     I did not try to install the Vista Beta on the computer I'm using to
>     write this. I'll bet you can figure out why.
> Obviously, Vista testing can be very hampered if one
> doesn't have a working hard drive.

Fair enough. One computer I bought had its hard-drive fail after just 3-4
days. I got a complete replacement.

>     ...
>     Here are some highlights in this early version:
>     * A streamlined Start menu.
>     * Instant Search in every Explorer window.
>     * Search Pane lets you organize information by author, date, or type
>       of document.
>     * Windows Sidebar puts frequently used information and tasks right
>       on the desktop.  This feature will remind OS X users of that
>       systems Dashboard feature.
>     * Network Explorer puts all network connections  like printers,
>       other computers, and devices - into one centralized location.
>     * Sync Center helps users manage all their devices from one place.
>     * Tablet PC functionality is integrated into most versions of
>       Windows Vista.
>     * Windows Media Center 11, also standard in Vista, includes live and
>       recorded television, music, photos and videos.
>     * Improved Windows Media Player.
>     * New power management features for mobile computers to optimize
>       battery performance.
>     * Windows Defender regularly scans and removes spyware and other
>       unwanted software.
>     * Classic Windows games, as well as several new ones.
> There is also a window that suggests a 3D "Windows Flip" capability,
> familiar to those using Xgl already.  Wow, another Microsoft
> "innovation".

Windows Media Player/Center may be nice, but it is an application rather than
an operating system. The flip view offers no pragmatic advantages. But to
remain fair, the rest goes for the majority of XGL with the exclusion of
window selection and alignment (for which a drag-and-drop pager/virtual
desktops can already do the trick).

Best wishes,


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