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Re: A possible theory of pages dropping

__/ [ Paul B ] on Wednesday 24 May 2006 09:15 \__

> Hi all
> This is just a theory and just an idea I am throwing into the pot, but
> it could be a reason why pages are being dropped.

They are not being dropped. The "site:" operator is broken. See the latest
parent thread/post from 1-script.

> A while ago I looked at my sites with and without www
> The www address showed PR and the non www didn't. This is correct as
> far as I was concerned.

Dmitri said something about that. According to WMW, it is important that the
two URL's are 'merged', using PHP or whatever....

> Now when I check, both www and non www both have the same PR.

As it should be...

> Obviously something has changed and possibly made calculating PR
> impossible, so google are back tracking and in the process of working
> out the PR again from scratch.

That sounds like an intersting possibility, but somehow I doubt it. One needs
to know how they build their data in order to understand what broke, how
serious the consequence is, and /what/ the consequences actually are. I am
clueless, but we are all just making observations and share some
speculations. I think it helps...

> I may be totally off the mark, but I could be spot on.

I am not growing impatient, but I am filled with anticipating, still waiting
for that day when things return to 'normality'. It is not a new status-quo,
that's for sure. After all, a few Google engineers have already confirmed
that there were unexpected, unintentional errors. If these cannot be fixed,
however, this may lead to a new status-quo indeed.

Best wishes,


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