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Re: Benefit of MySpace for SEO?

__/ [ Hymer ] on Tuesday 23 May 2006 17:04 \__

> Hello Everyone,
> I noticed a post where the author has a website plus a MySpace page. His
> MySpace page has a PR=7 which surprised me because most of the pages seem
> to have low PR.
> __
> Here's what works: when I search "Dinosaurs and Ethics," ala
> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=dinosaurs+and+ethics, the site's
> homepage shows up (albeit second to our myspace page).
> __
> I was wondering if there was an SEO advantage for having a MySpace page
> linked to your main site? Also, is it possible to create a business
> oriented MySpace page (rather than personal) containing the keywords for
> your main site and have that help in the SERP's?
> Thanks,
> Bob

The problem is, not many businesses do such things in moderation. They end up
creating more than just one blog or profile and then end up with an entire
sea of duplicate content. Then they discover blog comments, guestbooks, etc.
I think you will be better off residing in one cozy domain and go elsewhere
for anything other than SEO purposes. This can otherwise lead to excessive
content that contributed merely nothing novel and wastes your time, as well
as space.

Best wishes,

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