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Re: Proof that Vista is Just Windows XP in a New Gown

__/ [ Chirag Shukla ] on Tuesday 23 May 2006 02:46 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.windowsxlive.net/index.php?id=208
>> A few extra files on top of XP do the trick. So why ever move to Vista?
> Isnt it all about freedom to choose? Use what you like. All Windows
> versions seems to be based on each other...umm, arent all OSes like
> that? Woody 3r2 still works great; why move to FC5/SuSE10.x/*buntu?

You  are  very  right in stating this, but just to clarify,  my  point  of
contention is this:

People want Vista because it looks different. It is intended to quiet down
those  who  say  that  Mac  OS X and Linux (properly  themed  and  XGL  in
particular)  are /necessarily/ 'sexier'. In Vista, under the hood,  merely
nothing  is changed. In September 2005, it was all scraped and carried  on
from the XP codebase (Server Edition 2003, to be precise).

Vista  promises  to  deliver better security, which we already  hear  from
analysts  it will not. The point of this post is to say that Windows users
can  get the benefits, eye-candy-wise, without upgrading the hardware  and
O/S.  Or  they could just upgrade to Ubuntu 6, or SuSE 10.1, or  whatever,
thereby finding good security and well as versatility and savings.

Best wishes,


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