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Re: Manchester Uni English champs...

  • Subject: Re: Manchester Uni English champs...
  • From: "MrBlueSkye" <apbz91@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 17:46:48 +0100
  • Newsgroups: uk.local.manchester
  • References: <sQnag.35$1Y6.19@newsfe1-gui.ntli.net> <f8ax6kez6m4m$.1lsjaejovfkof$.dlg@40tude.net> <1372958.TxpVb1itmW@schestowitz.com> <1lw6iajrrxgsw$.1c67mczy4gfyb$.dlg@40tude.net> <4508069.AIYc0PhDOp@schestowitz.com> <MPG.1edb80a52c76a0ab98a70c@localnews.mcc.ac.uk> <1515435.eZPp4vZ7t5@schestowitz.com> <UoKdnddJeOkQA-zZRVnysw@pipex.net> <MPG.1edbb96aed1bf93698a712@localnews.mcc.ac.uk>
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"Befunge Sudoku" <daviddotbudd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> In article <UoKdnddJeOkQA-zZRVnysw@xxxxxxxxx>, apbz91@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> says...
>> Oh do behave are you really attempting to invoke public sympathy for the
>> lecturers lot. Be real, lecturers are overpaid, overpriveledged and
>> underworked.
> You do it, then, if it's so easy and so well paid.

I've retired, but my brother has a lecturer for years
> Academic pay's been dropping in real terms for 20 years now.

That's because they were overpayed initially
> Anyway, the same scales apply to all the academic-related staff too, and 
> we work fairly
> hard all the year around (in fact, in my area, the summer vac is our 
> busiest time, as
> it's the only chance we get to do major reconfig of the networks and 
> systems).

 Keep telling yourself that and you may believe it some day, Academics and 
overwork heh, akin to the overworked teachers scam. And the general public 
don't believe that one either.
> If I'd got out into industry after a couple of years here, I'd be making 
> about 50% more
> than I do here. But I stayed just too long, and now only know software and 
> systems that
> are more or less specific to Unis, so I'm trapped.
> Luckily the working conditions are good, and the pension is reasonable. I 
> keep buying
> the lottery tickets though. Only another 13 years to go...

You bought into a security blanket, it may be that like most town hall 
higher grades you didn't want to take the risk / chance it in the private 

Your pay rates are far higher than most.
Your holiday entitlement is far better than most
Your pension scheme is a very good one and at least you have a pension 
Your "working hours" are lower than most
Your working conditions are better than most

So stop whining, your in a soft cushioned and protected job, unlike most.

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