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Re: [News] Trading System Linux Migration: 4xCost Reduction, 10xPerformance Increase

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Monday 22 May 2006 14:57 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Atos Euronext Market Solutions Migrates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux To
>> Power Its Global Derivatives Trading System
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Migration to Increase Performance and Reduce Costs for the Leading
>> | Global Provider of IT Solutions for Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Banks,
>> | and Intermediaries
>> | 
>> | [...]
>> |
>> | The migration is intended to increase the performance by a factor of 10
>> | and reduce costs by a factor of four.
>> `----
>>                 http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/060522/20060522005215.html?.v=1
> Doing the IT on a market system is definately not an area for the feignt
> hearted. I could have gone in that direction but was saved by someone who
> later became a mate, he got the job I didn't.
> He had grey hair long before I got any and we're similar age. It's true
> that their IT tend to have massive budgets to play with, but they must be
> very prepared for absolutely any emergency.
> As it happens, thats the situation I'm in, on a much lesser budget, but I
> got here with my hair colour intact, ginger to the core (with tuffs of less
> ginger which add a distinguished look, at least thats what I keep telling
> myself).
> .

The transition in this case was from UNIX, just for the record. But let's
cheer up. Grey is often be better than none. The O/S of the three R's, after
all, involves:

1. (r)etry
2. (r)eboot
3  (r)ip hair off   <<-- punchline

Better than the three S's

1. (s)hout
2. (s)hriek
3. (s)weat          <<--   http://www.ntk.net/media/developers.mpg

Mr. Ballmer illustrates both the R's and the S's rather well, one must agree.

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