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Re: My Computer ($%^&*()__+)(^)

  • Subject: Re: My Computer ($%^&*()__+)(^)
  • From: "-=SilliCone=-" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 10:31:31 +0200
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> So, were's the trouble? Easy. Just try to get enigmail running, for
>> example. Either you have more and more 32-bit software (-> why the heck
>> do you have a 64-bit OS?) or you won't have what you had before.
> Intersting insights. I have heard something along this line of argument
> before. For what it's worth, I have investigated the issue regarding
> Enigmail (I'm on their mailing list) and came up with:
>         http://enigmail.mozdev.org/download.html
> where a 64-bit version exists.

Yes, but now we're at the point where it get's funny... that i couldn't get
to work with the Mozilla suite.
But that's not the only trouble. Most of the browser plugins suck, Java does
run but has it's quirks (more then the usuall) and most of the fun i get is
with all "multimedia" thingies. 
Only thing that does work nearly everytime is compile from source ;-)

Reminds me of the DOS -> Win transition, and the later 16bit -> 32bit one.
No great surprise :-)

- -- 
"as appealing as it might seem, it is impossible to patch or upgrade users"
<Security Warrior>

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