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Re: It's Official: Microsoft is Dying Very Quickly

__/ [ Tim Smith ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 21:04 \__

> In article <rvo6k3-h8q.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Culley wrote:
>> What has MS stock done over tha past 5 years or so?
> For 5 years, it has done better than:
>     IBM
>     Sun
> and worse than:
>     Apple
>     Red Hat
>     Novell
> These kind of comparisons can be made to come out pretty much any way you
> want, by picking the time period.  For example, consider Red Hat vs. Apple:
> last day:               Red Hat did better
> last 5 days:            pretty much a tie
> last 3 months:          Red Hat
> 6 months:               Red Hat
> 1 year:                 Red Hat
> 2 year:                 Apple
> 5 year:                 tie
> Over Red Hat's life:    Apple

Red Hat != Linux.

Red  Hat  is merely a software house that is making money from  the  Linux
kernel  and Open Source, much like Penguin Computing, Novell, and  others.
Google,  for  example,  with  their army of a quarter or  half  a  million
workstations  and  servers,  are  using Debian  and  Goobuntu.  These  are
'community  distributions'. The University's Linux servers are also  based
around  Debian.  No  Red Hat and Novell consultants in a  suit.  Linux  is
adverse to that notion of investments and market share, but it spreads.

Best wishes,


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