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Re: Microsoft: Open source 'not reliable or dependable'

On Sun, 21 May 2006 07:21:52 -0400, DFS wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> All it comes down to is this: far higher expenses, both at time of
>> purchase and over-the-years maintenance; consequently, performance is
>> poor, too. Why would /anyone/ choose Microsoft for server?
> Because they obviously have compared the systems and determined MS\Windows
> offers advantages for their situation.

That is the same reason people move to OSS, and you ignore.

>> Many think that
>> because it has the same logo as on their desktop, it ought to be better.
>> Many also think that Windows Mobile will integrate better with their
>> worktation if it carries the same logo.
> That's called brand extension marketing, or brand stretching.  Linux can't
> offer that because it has 400+ brands (distros), and none has the money or
> muscle - or the technology - to pull it off.

Unless, of course, each vendor pushes the 'Linux' part of their products
in their advertising.

>>> Doesn't he know that BSD Unix, which is almost entirely Open Source,
>>> place a critical role in nearly every aspect of modern 21st century
>>> life, all the way from controlling the telephones and the power grid,
>>> to provding the real-time trading of stocks, futures, and bonds for
>>> nearly every major financial exchange?
> Which has fsck-all relation to its appropriateness as a desktop system.
>> The manager will not allude to these facts. It's deceit through masking
>> or obscurity. The reporter definitely did not challenge him on that
>> statement either. Microsoft got a microphone. Perhaps it's about time
>> they gave the microphone to some folks with beards, ponytails, and
>> sandals.
> I agree, it's time "they gave/Linux took/the microphone".  What's been
> stopping them?

What's topping them? Deceitful marketing from vendors scared of OSS, for
one. Reporters believing that FUD is another.

>  Besides a lack of funds and effective spokespeople, of course?

There are effective spokespeople. Unfortunately there may not be many that
are effective with the cow mentality crowd.

>>> I could understand a "pointy head" making a statement like that, but
>>> this goes to the point of fraudulent deception.
>>> Perhaps he was referring specifically to very specific Open Source
>>> software which competes directly with Microsoft products.  Perhaps he
>>> was comparing Open Office to Microsoft Office, or Linux to Windows XP.
>> That man should be banned from speaking to the media again.
> What?  Figures you'd be such an intolerant goob and whining baby.
> Roy Schestowitz: "waaaahhhhh!!!   He said something bad about open
> source!!! waaaahhhh!!!  Don't let him talk no more!!!"
>> Sadly,
>> there are little such rules in the media. People can lie and cheat, then
>> get away with it.
> You and half of cola lie and "get away with it", as inconsequential as
> "it" may be.

That's funny. coming from a liar like you.

>> The reporter should perhaps be demoted for letting such comments be made
>> without judgment.
> Why don't you demote yourself?

Have you thought of trying to qualify for a Darwin Award?

>> Microsoft is never intimidated by such terms. It is, after all, a
>> convinced monopoly already.
> RedHat, Novell, Mandriva, Xandros, etc are far, far more guilty of
> misappropriating technology that MS could ever be.

You are a liar.

>  Their entire business is built on selling others unpaid work for a profit.

Those 'unpaid others' through their licensing have given permission. Since
permission has been given, RedHat, Novell, Mandriva, Xandros, etc have not
missappropriated anything. You are lying again.

>> Corrupted practices have been proven to be part of the deal too.
> The only "corrupt" practice MS engages in is continuing to sell products
> people demand, while inferior competitors try to attack them via the
> courts.

More DFS lies.

>>> Such a statement is an insult to all who have participated in what
>>> makes UNIX and Linux great.  It's an insult to Sun, IBM, HP, DEC, to
>>> the United States government, to all of those who participated in
>>> projects ranging from ARPA to Athena to BSD to sendmail to Internet to
>>> X11.  It's an insult to all of the Insurance companies, transportation
>>> companies, banks, brokers, and the millions of other businesses and
>>> corporations that have come to benefit from all of these Open Source
>>> projects.
>> What can I say...?
> Nothing.  You've said enough.
>> Best wishes,
>> Roy
>> PS - in defence of the report, it clearly says "Microsoft: " before that
>> ludicrous lie.


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