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Re: Now THAT'S a trend that will warm any Linux guy's heart

__/ [ asj ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 04:16 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ asj ] on Tuesday 30 May 2006 05:31 \__
>> > Btw, you guys know Palm is seriously moving towards Linux?
>> > http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS5058819583.html
>> It's very old news. They made this commitment over a year ago, as far as I
>> can tell... yes, now that I check again, it was March last year...
> It's still a hot topic in palm groups...they fully expect Palm to
> branch out to Linux. Then again, Palm renewed its commitment to the
> Palm OS by putting out the palm Treo 700P

You are delivering a very confusing and baseless message here. Palm are most
definitely burying Palm OS and making Access Linux their primary and only
OS, across all devices, in due time. Palm OS will either run on top, or more
likely, be supported through PARC emulation.


I wonder why Palm are not liaising with Nokia who have Maemo. There are so
many Linux ports and front-ends, each of which is developed independently in
the mobile phone/PDA/tablet industry. It's fragmentation all over again (a
different context), but at least the tools, the kernel, as well as other
components are 'pluggable', owing to the GPL. This makes development quick.

Best wishes,


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