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Re: ODF in France

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Sunday 28 May 2006 00:56 \__

> On Sunday 28 May 2006 00:43 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I was going to mention Germany in the other thread, where I suspect you
>> initially mentioned France and ODF, prior to making it a worthy top-level
>> thread. Germany will definitely move to ODF because many people there use
>> Linux, which unlike Mac OS and Windows, cannot run Office natively. Atop
>> that, you have key departments migrating to Linux with Star/OpenOffice. It
>> is work in progress, which will be simplified and greatly supported by any
>> eradication of proprietary technologies.
> Yes - it's interesting, isn't it?
> Both Germany and France are (I believe) well on the way to becoming what
> one
> might call "FOSS Friendly States".  Germany seems to be working "top down"
> and France "bottom up", in that the initial news from Germany was Linux
> adoption, and from France it was OO.o and FF, and now DRM and ODF.

I am not too sure. Perhaps when judging by the authorities, which is easy
because they are 'transparent, being fed by taxpayers. On an individual
levels, Firefox adoption and absorbance is high in the whole of central
Europe. You could probably do a quick Google Trends lookup and see which
regions are most interested and involved...

> Note also that it's not working out quite as cola people might have thought
> - rather than individual users moving to FOSS and the desktop, it's the big
> government departments.
> No doubt that will swiftly be followed by schools and colleges etc.
> Then there are all those people taking their S/W home (legally this time!),
> and a whole new generation of youngsters who will be familiar with the "new
> stuff"......
A lot of it is old school UNIX, albeit free.

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