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Re: Ubuntu suggests I should restart

Roy Schestowitz wrote in <1715614.WZ4PPaQD1o@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Sat, May 27
2006 04:44:
> In Vista, they speak of updates that do not require a reboot. How 'deep'
> the update has to be remains an open question to me. There is also the
> quick reboot debate, which relies on the chips, if not RAM, which needs
> electricity.
> Rant: http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2006/03/11/quick-reboots/
> All that said, any reboot is or even logoff is highly undesirable to me as
> it takes me about 5-10 minutes to restore a desktop session the way which
> suits me, although KDE restores programs from the last session. Actually,
> as I come to think of it, although my mail notifier has not worked for
> weeks and it requires me to log in again, I still refuse to do it. I think
> that frequent logons discourage good working habits in the desktop
> environment. It may seem like it's rarely worth the investment, time-wise.
> Think in terms of "why should I open all those programs if I need to log
> in again, later on?". One thing that I miss in KDE 3.1 (work) and KDE 3.4
> (home) is the ability to have windows and sessions restored in the correct
> (as in previously used) virtual desktop. At present, they all get opened
> in the current one.

I feel sort of the same way, though I never did see any harm in rebooting at
the beginning of a business day.

When I went to the office, first thing I would do was sit down, reboot the
computer, go get coffee, chat with a few people to get the day started, and
*then* sit down at the workstation about the time the login screen came up. 
Sometimes, I would need *one* other reboot during the day, and if I did, I
put it off until lunch, unless it was something really bad.

Of course, that happened more often then I would have liked for it to,
but... that's the nature of the best, unfortunately.

>> Shared library updates might have similar consequences, depending on the
>> reasons for patching/upgrade.  In any case, most end-users restart their
>> systems often enough due to power outages, portable computers, or because
>> they have annoying habits like powering down the PC when they leave it
>> for three hours or something, so it's all good.

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