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Re: [News] Microsoft Bashes Outlook 2007

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Saturday 27 May 2006 15:08 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Pirillo: 65 Reasons Why Outlook 2007 Will Suck
>> Minf you, this comes from a Windows evangelist.
> I note that he didn't mention any of the nightmare problems of using
> Outlook over a VPN - I very much doubt they've been fixed, so presumably
> he didn't dig very deeply into the problem stack.
> Outlook is legacy junk - should be thrown out - move to thunderbird or
> something.

I  suspect he uses Outlook 2000. His Webcasts suggest this. In any case, I
binned  him. He RSS feed has something buggy, which causes my feeds reader
to  crash (take 100% of the CPU capacity to be precise). This has happened
3-4  times already and has been rather disastrous as it affected other JRE
applications (notably Firefox and Thunderbirds). Mind you, this RSS reader
(RSSOwl)  has  not  crashed  since I started using it  in  2004.  When  it
crashes,  items that I read in the sessions will remain marked as  unread,
which is a /huge/ pain.

Rather  sadly, I will have to admit that Pirillo uses WordPress (on a WAMP
stack  I suspect). It must be some third-party plug-in that breaks things,
if  not the W in WAMP. Basically, I was among the ones to help him migrate
to  WordPress  and  some days ago he reported a  bug  (plug-in  supposedly
incompatible with 2.0), but we told him it must be Windows. Works fine for
everybody else anyway...

So,  there  ya  go...  the  fine relief in 'mark  all  as  read'  or  even
unsubscribe. When I did this to Scoble, this started a riot.


Best wishes,


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