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Re: Yahoo, EBay Join Forces in Partnership

__/ [ Jim Carlock ] on Friday 26 May 2006 15:56 \__

> http://story.news.ask.com/article/20060526/D8HR6S5O0.html
> Title: "Yahoo, EBay Join Forces in Partnership"
> Date: May 25, 10:54 PM (ET)
> "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Internet powerhouses Yahoo and
> eBay are joining forces in an alliance that further
> defines the battle lines in an online brawl with
> rivals Google, Microsoft and AOL."
> Full article available at the link above.
> Anyone remember or recall a link whereby eBay was bought
> out by another company?

They formed/joined/took over PayPal. I think they created it to assist eBay
and it later mushroomed from there. I still remmeber the days when my dad
told me about the company with the strange name and idea. He said it was
called eBay and its worth (stock) jumped from about 5 dollars to over 100.
We saw it happening day by day...

Nowadays, eBay is among the most visited sites on the Web (Yahoo at number

> Maybe I'm thinking of eBay acquiring up PayPal.

They also bought Skype. Speculations about the motive vary.

Best wishes,


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