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Re: Windows exploits continue unchecked

__/ [ Peter Hayes ] on Monday 09 October 2006 10:33 \__

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5414696.stm
> "A BBC investigation into net-based attacks on Windows PCs found they
> could happen as much as every 15 minutes."

There's also this:


,----[ Quote ]
| Using a computer acting as a so-called honeypot the BBC
| has been regularly logging how many potential net-borne
| attacks hit the average Windows PC every day. 

If I recall correctly, it takes 12 minutes (on average?) or less, for an
unpatched Windows box to be compromised. I have seen that happening through
my own eyes.

Must think twice before pugging in that modem/Ethernet cable...

The clock is ticking and the packets roll wild...

Needless to mention, this network congestion is paid for by all, including
Linux and Mac users. Same with SPAM and DDOS attacks, which are more
malignant than some congestion (from a perspective of a non-Windows users,
to whom infections are not a concern).

Best wishes,


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