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Re: COLA Stats 8 Oct 2006

Tim Smith wrote:

> In article <FckWg.54980$vX5.46477@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Notice anything about his 'can't hear you say anything bad about Linux
>> 'cause my head is up my ass' killfile
>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Wiki_Public/index.php?COLA%20killfile ?  It
>> doesn't include those most half-ass of "advocates": Peter Kohlmann,
>> William Poaster, Roy Culley, Mark Kent, 7, etc.
>> Can you imagine the type of inane person who would rather read a cola
>> post by 7 than one by Erik Funkenbusch?
> If anyone needed proof Roy S is not a Linux advocate, that page is it.
> A real Linux advocate wants to see every post from Erik, and from Larry
> Qualig, and from Tom Shelton, among others, in order to be able to
> answer them.  You don't advocate Linux by letting the people that
> occasionally make good anti-Linux points go unanswered.

Except none of those make "good anti-linux points"
None of them knows linux from a tin-can of sand
With Erik F for example you can be sure that he is completely full of it
when he claims something about linux. He is totally clueless about it
And DFS? Well, he is DFS. DumbFullShit. His "name" is program
Msg-ID Larry is just another clueless nimwit. 
You can continue that list until your own name, and the pattern does not
change. None of you guys make any good anti-linux points
We may not return the affection of those who like us, 
but we always respect their good judgement.

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