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Re: "Get Linux" Mode in Windows

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Windows Vista's "Get Linux" Mode
> http://www.bumpbox.com/?p=143
> But here is the interesting part.
> Microsoft's Newest Piracy Plans
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | According to one estimate, right now Windows XP accounts for 85% of
> | all installed OSs. The same article cited above says that those 60
> | million copies that failed the Windows Genuine Advantage test were out
> | of 300 million that were checked in total. Combine these two numbers,
> | and that means that 20% of Windows XP's 85% share could be up for
> | grabs.
> `----
> http://econball.blogspot.com/2006/10/microsofts-newest-piracy-plans.html
> If they check these figures in remote and poor places, the piracy figures
> (proportion) will be breathtaking.

Hmmm...I think my last post digressed too far into the numbers to
really have any point.  Anyway, if Microsoft pisses off 20% or more of
its user base with the "pay or get booted" method that the article is
referring to, things will start to look pretty good for Linux.

I'm using Vista RC1 at this very moment, and while I must admit that it
is much faster than Windows XP and perhaps even Linux, it is still just
a toy.  Like XP, Vista appears to be meant primarily for playing games,
viewing pornography, and writing documents.  As long as people can
perform these tasks reasonably well with Windows XP, there is really no
reason for them to upgrade.

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