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Re: [News] Wall Street Organ Replaced by GNU/Linux Cluster

__/ [ GreyCloud ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 17:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ GreyCloud ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 16:55 \__
>>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>The Sonic Boon: New Organ is Digital, Realistic, and Powerful, but is it
>>>Nope.  More and more institutions that have limited budgets are going to
>>>digital organs these days.  I've been in conversations with Allen Organ
>>>company in PA., and this year they are having a banner year.
>>>And just click on Play Music to hear what a digital organ sounds like.
>>>Their main advantage is realism, but also when music regimens shift all
>>>the organ voices can be changed with a CD.
>> Only works with Windows, Mac or an emulation thereof. And it needed
>> JavaScript to pop up the box... nasty site development choices.
> I know.  Some of their sound samples have a nasty hiccup in them as
> well.  I've complained to them already about it, but nothing yet.  But
> their instruments are top notch and don't use an o/s to drive them.
> They use multiple DSPs and a huge memory bank for tone generation.
> Price ranges from $14k to $200k.

That's so expensive for an appliance. It makes one wonder if they just
struggle so sell many of those (and thus mass-produce). Even Knuth's famous
pipe organ wouldn't cost as much as that high end of the scale.


It just needs plenty of room (or rooms, or a high ceiling).
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