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[News] Australia's Mainstream Press Pitches Linux Ease of Use

Linux more accessible

,----[ Quote ]
| Once installed, SLED is impressive. It has a clean, eye-catching look
| complete with visual effects, animations and transparencies. You can set
| up multiple desktops and then switch between them with a rotating 3D
| cube - it's fair to say this is a flashy and cool feature rather than
| a serious productivity aid.
| In visual terms SLED is on a level footing with Apple's OS X and
| Microsoft Vista Aero. Unlike many versions or distributions of Linux,
| which overwhelm users with myriad options and vast menus of programs,
| there's an uncluttered feel, making it easy to navigate.
| This well-designed user interface is perhaps Novell's greatest asset
| in wooing users away from Windows. Linux often looks too hard - SLED
| doesn't. In reality it acts in a very familiar Windows kind of way.
| Despite propaganda, no operating system is intuitive - but this one
| is certainly easy to learn and won't stress Windows users.


The Age is related to the Sydney Morning Herald, I think. This could reach a
very wide audience.

(mistakenly posted as a followup with references earlier)

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