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Re: [News] Linux Starup Receives $21 Million Investment

In <2638193.nH6AVfdMWX@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Roy Schestowitz  wrote:
> In the summer of 2001 I made an exception and read Bill Bryson's book 
> on American culture (I rarely read textbooks, if ever). one of the 
> chapters (taken from his fortnightly newspaper culumn) analysed the 
> issue of electricity consumption in great depth. It concentrated on 
> PC's and lights. The 'waste culture' is something that's costing a lot 
> not just in terms of money. It also harms the environment. And many 
> have a muchly-justified pet peeve that gets them annoyed when they see 
> this. In fact, here on British radio and TV there seems to have been 
> this large-scale campaign recently (many the past month) whose focus 
> is the amount of money one saves by switching off unneeded lights/
> lighting sources. I can't recall if PC's were part of the message. 

Apparantly, all the domestic A/V equipment, TV, VHS, Sat box, etc 
currently left on standby in the UK consumes the output of one large 
power station. Add in the 50 million or so DVB-T boxes we'll need after 
analogue switch-off and that's another power station, or the entire 
output of all those windfarms springing up in areas of outstanding 
natural beauty.

But all this is only relevent in the summer. The rest of the time TVs, 
PCs etc add to background heating so nett cost is zero or thereabouts.



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