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Re: We desperately need to replace Windows in PC Games

__/ [ Andrew McGee ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 10:18 \__

> "pc games" <pcgamer23708@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1160212262.962574.77410@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Have you already read this UNBELIEVABLE news about MS plans?
>> http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061004-7898.html
>> We desperately need to replace Windows in PC Games.
>> Just look at what MS has planned for the upcoming new Windows
>> version Vista, its total and utterly HUMILIATION for PC users
>> More and more intrusive, more and more agressive and they are
>> only in the beginning, and for sure they will not stop.
>> This is what we must all realize.
>> MS will not stop and they will go further and further
>> They have MONOPOLY, they can do whatever they want!
>> We are totally "F"ed, totally!
>> There is no other way out... we must replace the OS used in
>> PC Games.
>> We must replace Windows as the OS choice for PC Games.
>> And Linux is the obvious choice.
>> Mac is not cause Apple is as proprietary and monopolistic as
>> MS, so Linux is the only way out.
>> Linux is the only way out for us in PC Games!
>> Only Linux can "save" us.
>> The Linux community has done so many things for other areas,
>> why can't they now focus on Games and truly become our savior?
>> Please Linux help us!
> why is this 'unbelievable'?
> All it says is that it will be more difficult to get away with using
> pirated copies of the system
> But why should anyone be able to get away with this?
> And why is it bad new for PC Gamers?
> As long as you use a genuine copy of Vista, you should have no problem.
> It looks to me as if this piece is written by someone who is just trying to
> hype linux.

...Sorry to feed a heavility-crossposted item, but I ought to point out that
Microsoft has /already/ made a move toward immobilising game makers. They
discourage the use of OpenGL and wish that developers use proprietary
DirectX instead.

Please sign the petition.


,----[ Quote ]
|     In the current implementation (as of 2005-09-22) of the OpenGL
| graphics library in Windows Vista - a soon to be released new version
| of the Microsoft Windows operating system, OpenGL is not a stand alone
|  library. Instead it functions as a wrapper around DirectX, and is frozen
| to the vanilla version of OpenGL 1.4.
|     This means that OpenGL applications in Windows Vista will, most
| likely, suffer from severe performance loss, that, when an OpenGL driver
| is loaded, the Windows operating system will have odd behaviours and
| that future versions of OpenGL will not affect the Windows Vista
| platform. This would result in less developers actively supporting
| OpenGL, and as a result, less applications written which are easy to
| port to another platform or easy to maintain. 

More recent:


        Microsoft weakens OpenGL


        Windows Vista May Degrade OpenGL

Sadly, none of this is illegal (alebeit it's anti-competitive). The best
answer may be the boycott the beast and pray that the EU/US will finally
take antitrust measures seriously. There are perils in the way though

EU official joins consultancy serving Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A European Commission official originally chosen to lead its antitrust
| case against Microsoft left on Friday last week to work for a
| consultancy that has the software firm as a client, a spokesman said.


US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist 

,----[ Quote ]
| Before C. Boyden Gray was named as George Bush's number one person in
| Europe, he was a lawyer lobbying on behalf of Microsoft. 


US politicians go to bat for Microsoft


Changing the Report, After the Vote

,----[ Quote ]
| That agreement was nearly imperiled last weekend, though. Gerri
| Elliott, corporate vice president at Microsoft's Worldwide Public
| Sector division, sent an e-mail message to fellow commissioners Friday
| evening saying that she "vigorously" objected to a paragraph in which
| the panel embraced and encouraged the development of open source software
| and open content projects in higher education. The paragraph read like 
| this:
| "The commission encourages the creation of incentives to promote
| the development of open-source and open-content projects at universities
| and colleges across the United States, enabling the open sharing of 
| educational  materials from a variety of institutions, disciplines, and 
| educational perspectives. Such a portal could stimulate innovation, and 
| serve as the leading resource for teaching and learning. New initiatives 
| such as OpenCourseWare, the Open Learning Initiative, the Sakai Project, 
| and the Google Book project hold out the potential of providing universal 
| access both to general knowledge and to higher education."


Feds seek formal extension of Microsoft antitrust deal

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Department of Justice and Microsoft on Wednesday filed a
| formal application for a two-year extension of portions of their
| landmark antitrust settlement, with the possibility of stretching it
| until 2012. 


Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "Disk quota exceeded; sig discontinued"
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roy      pts/6                         Sat Oct  7 10:18 - 10:18  (00:00)    
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