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Re: Will Vusta be pirate proof?

  • Subject: Re: Will Vusta be pirate proof?
  • From: pcutilisateur@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 6 Oct 2006 07:06:57 -0700
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 06 October 2006 00:08 \__
> > On Thursday 05 October 2006 23:52 Philip wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> http://marketplace.publicradio.org/shows/2006/10/04/PM200610047.html
> >>
> >> 'If you install a copy you haven't actually paid for, after 30 days ...
> >>
> >>      "They'll put you into a reduced functionality mode. That will allow
> >> you to use your browser for up to an hour. And then you're logged out of
> >> your computer and you can't use it anymore."'
> >
> > Nonsense - the Linux partitions will work just fine
> Vista could, in principle, 'take care' of that as well. It already messes up
> the MBR once installed. But Microsoft will not resort to such strategies. On
> the contrary, it will just come up with an angry prompt when it gets locked
> up:
> http://tinyurl.com/pknrw

Windows Vista goes beyond MBR. From start it will not be installed on
any hard-drive partitioned by Linux. Once Vista is installed -- users
will need to prove that they are running "non-stolen OS". If Microsoft
server can't substantiate Vista's authenticity it will activate the
inbuilt "killswitch". Infact Zdnet went so far as to say that Microsoft
users may switch to Linux.

I did run my own test on Vista RC1, and I can confirm few things.

# Windows Vista has few backdoors which alows Microsft sever to shut
off any computer running on Vista.

# Windows Vista Monitor Software will send information about the users'
habbit and telephone numbers.

In my case -- my Phone Company/ISP provider is in bed with Microsoft --
they knew about me long before I infected my computer with Vista. Also
Canadian government monitor every online user, and information is sent
to American. It was the only way hollywood would move in Canada and
benefit from our cheap labors (actors, actress, and cheap land). Canada
is a chinese version of cheap labors -- expect our labor consist of
actor, and actress.

#Like Microsoft XP's Monitoring Server (see the link below) Windows
Vista might phone users and tell them that they are running pirate

#If users want to upgrade their hardware they may need to called
Microsoft and explain their situations -- otherwise kill switch will be
turned on -- there is some dispute on number of upgrade Microsoft will
allow users before killswitch will be turned on.


A Vista kill switch would be good for Linux

Why Microsoft would want WGA to phone home

Windows Vista has new Reduced Functionality Mode

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