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Re: [News] The Threat to OpenDocument Format (ODF) Seems Small

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Final OpenXML Approval Draft May be Postedd by Ecma on Monday
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | ODF was adopted by OASIS in May of 2005, and the voting window that
> | resulted in ODF's approval by ISO, the International Organization for
> | Standardization, closed on May 1of 2006.  Given that the ISO process,
> | from first submission to closure of the voting window takes 6 to 9
> | months, this would mean that the earliest that OpenXML could achieve
> | comparable status to ODF (assuming that both the Ecma and ISO
> | memberships voted in favor of adoption) would be in May to August of
> | 2007.
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | While adoption by Ecma is presumably assured, approval by ISO is
> | less certain, according to some sources with whom I am in contact.
> `----

I'm sure that as word spreads as to what ODF actually is and the potential
huge benefits not only to companies who need to ensure they will always
have access to archieved documents, but also in costs. Because with a
common format they can choose office (and other) applications based on
capabilities and cost rather than because it's the only tool for the job.
But there are additional benefits that can follow.

The format is already a good format for document libraries and search

But ODF has so much more potential. A format that is easily applied to any
view, it could be rendered by the target (in much the same way as PS is),
whether that is a printer or some monitor/screen. That is also a clue to
another format that is rendered by the target, web browsing. It has the
potential to be (at last) a good replacement for html.

I can't see that the progress of ODF can really be stopped by anyone now, it
is simply too important and too good a format to businesses and general
users that I can't see that it could fail to take off big time.

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