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[News] Open Source Projects More Immune to Disaster/s Through Departure/s

How to "bus-proof" your open source project

,----[ Quote ]
| People often talk about a software project's bus factor -- the number
| of people on your project that need to get hit by a bus to leave you with
| no one familiar with your codebase. In the open source world, the
| disappearance of even one developer can herald the death of your project
| -- if you don't prepare in advance. The most important thing you can do
| to bus-proof your project is to attract a strong developer community for
| it. Since open source developers usually first get involved in a project
| as users, you need to attract users for your project. This means thaty
| ou need to create something that people want to use and then listen
| carefully to the user feedback. Today's user may turn out to be
| tomorrow's release manager. 


Also see (on the issue of reduced risk in Open Source):

Case study - Open source allows risk management firm to minimises risk

,----[ Quote ]
| A respected engineering and risk management consultancy has decided 
| toreduce its own exposure to risk by migrating to a complete open source
| infrastructure.
| ESR Technology (ESRT) believes that it has freed itself from the expense
| and vendor lock-in associated with proprietary software by deploying
| an entirely open source  network infrastructure.


Open source risky? Nah. Just if you hire an attorney who doesn't grok it

,----[ Quote ]
| the "risk" of open source is no greater, and is generally far less, than
| the risk of using proprietary software.


Closing the Open Source Door a Risky Proposition

,----[ Quote ]
| The move from an open source model to a closed one may appeal to
| developers seeking to pay their bills, but the transition is a risky
| one. Some customers will balk at losing control of applications key to
| their business -- the federal government, in particular -- and may look
| for other open source alternatives to meet their software needs.


Your data or your life

,----[ Quote ]
| As unlikely and alarmist as this sounds, it could really happen. Intracare
| is the publisher of a popular practice management system called Dr. Notes.
| When some doctors balked at a drastic increase in their annual software
| lease, they were cut off from accessing their own patients? information.
| This situation is completely unconscionable. There can be no truly
| open doctor-patient relationship when an unrelated third party is the
| de facto owner of and gatekeeper to all related data.


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