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[News] Dell and Linux - Fraudulent Relationship?

Dell Open Source Community Contributions Overview

,----[ Quote ]
| As a result of these activities, we've been able to engage the
| Linux community directly through active support and participation inL
| inux conferences such as LinuxWorld Expo, the Ottawa Linux Symposium,
| the Linux Kernel Summit, Red Hat Summit, and Novell Brainshare. We're
| involved in helping build the worldwide Linux community, such as Matt
| Domsch's involvement with the Fedora Project Board. This is our
| execution of the "it just works" motto our customers expect.


See the comments. Very consistent...

| I think Dell is full of it. Why hasn't Dell offered on its web site
| the ability to configure a desktop or laptop with the option of having
| Ubuntu or OpenSuse preinstalled and save the consumers money that is
| going to Microsoft?  Until Dell does that they are not helping the
| consumer.

| I have to agree with the other two commenters.  While I appreciatee
| verything that Dell employees have done on a best effort basis, Dell
| is fundamentally still just another Windows PC seller, and until it
| making Linux available on non-server systems, it will be hard to take
| the claims made on this blog seriously.

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