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Re: [News] When Companies Control Newspapers

  • Subject: Re: [News] When Companies Control Newspapers
  • From: Hadron Quark <qadronhuark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 21:38:32 +0200
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"Oliver Wong" <owong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:2414825.p56FgniEVe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Is it at all surprising that OEM's and newspapers rarely mention 
>> GNU/Linux?
>     I don't spend a lot of time reading through OEMs websites, so no comment 
> there, but it's not surprising to me that Newspaper rarely mention 
> GNU/Linux: They rarely mention anything computer related at all, as there 
> are much more "important" things to talk about (from the perspective of the 
> general public, anyway). Five random stories pulled from five random news 
> sources:
> KTRE: Former Foley aide resigns
> NEWS.com.au: World jittery over North Korea
> Monsters and Critics.com: GM, Renault-Nissan talks ended
> CBC News: Alouettes head coach Don Matthews resigns due to health reasons
> MSNBC: Breastfeeding won't make baby smarter
>     If you restrict to only technology related news sources, topics which 
> are mentioned here in COLA tends to be mentioned there in the media as well. 
> Anoher five random samples:
> Scientific American: Nobel Prize in Physics Links
> GamesIndustry.biz: Sony denies PS3 overheating problems
> Washington Post: The Truth About a Claimed Firefox Exploit
> SME IT Guide: Are you ready for Vista?
> Pocket-lint.co.uk: Nokia announces new short-range radio technology, Wibree
>     A sample size of five, two of which are about COLA-approved topics (PS3, 
> Firefox), one of which is for a Microsoft product (Vista), and two of which 
> are non-computer related technical information (Nobel Prize, Wibree).
>     Personally, I don't think anybody has to worry about Linux appearing in 
> technical journals and related media. They're there. People who care about 
> computers have heard of Linux. Even people who don't care have heard of 
> Linux. I'd be much more concerned about this newsgroup. This is supposed to 
> be a Linux advocacy newsgroup, but what are the articles about? Another 
> random five samples (the five posts below this thread):
> A) SPAM Still on the Rise, Sats Survey
> B) The Difference Between "Favourite"/"Popular" and "Ubiqitous"/"Widespread"
> C) Microsoft Encourages Use of OSS/Linux in Mainframes
> D) WIntel Antitrust (OEM Scare/Dirty Tactics) Returns to Consideration in 
> Court
> E) Windows Security Software Compromises Box.
> C, D and E mention Microsoft products in the title. C mentions Linux 
> products in the title.
> A, B, D, E mention Microsoft products in the body (not C as apparently the 
> article is about IBM, not Microsoft). C mentions Linux products in the body.
>     In other words, the ratio of Microsoft-news-to-Linux-news is much worst 
> in this newsgroup than it is in newspapers being criticized.

And this is down to Roy, and why I accuse him openly of spamming the
newsgroup. Few, if any, of his posts are anything to do with Linux
advocacy one way or the other at all.

>     - Oliver 

> The day people think linux would be better served by somebody else (FSF
> being the natural alternative), I'll "abdicate".  I don't think that
> it's something people have to worry about right now - I don't see it
> happening in the near future.  I enjoy doing linux, even though it does
> mean some work, and I haven't gotten any complaints (some almost timid
> reminders about a patch I have forgotten or ignored, but nothing
> negative so far).
> Don't take the above to mean that I'll stop the day somebody complains:
> I'm thick-skinned (Lasu, who is reading this over my shoulder commented
> that "thick-HEADED is closer to the truth") enough to take some abuse.
> If I weren't, I'd have stopped developing linux the day ast ridiculed me
> on c.o.minix.  What I mean is just that while linux has been my baby so
> far, I don't want to stand in the way if people want to make something
> better of it (*).
>                 Linus
> (*) Hey, maybe I could apply for a saint-hood from the Pope.  Does
> somebody know what his email-address is? I'm so nice it makes you puke.
(Taken from Linus's reply to someone worried about the future of Linux)

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