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Re: [News] Vista Security - More Void Promises from Microsoft

__/ [ z ] on Wednesday 04 October 2006 00:17 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.techweb.com/wire/security/190700049;jsessionid=MWLALDT21M1...
>> Symantec Says Windows Vista Will be Less Secure than XP
> How is that possible?  It will only take 10 seconds for a default
> installation to be compromised after connecting it to the Internet instead
> of 15?

*smile* Yes, because Vista requires strong hardware, which facilitates the
use of greater and nastier brute-force cyberstorms. That's sarcasm, but I
bet that as computing advances, the scale of SPAM will be too much of a
handful to be handled by a human, even if equipped with decent Bayesian
filters. That recent so-called 'Geek SPAM' penetrates and circumvents
SpamAssassin quite effectively. Speaking of which, I saw the following this


>> ,----[ Snippet ]
>> | Symantec said earlier last week that there were no viruses for Apple's
>> | OS X.
>> `----
> Windows is so insecure that many users think computer viruses are an
> everyday part of using computers.  If you tell them that there are no
> viruses for Mac OS X they will go into shock and denial.  They are
> surprised to find out that viruses are basically a "Windows-only" problem.
> (Not literally, but for practical purposes.)

People find solace when they share the same problems with their peers. Take
for example illnesses and the loss of a loved one. Denial is the state
reached when one becomes doubtful, realising that a better way exists.

When there was a large-scale virus infection revolving around here,
colleagues would come and ask me about it (I knew nothing at the time). They
assumed that viruses are platform-independent and it's unfortunate that few
people are even aware of the concept of platforms. When I ask customers what
operating system they use, the best answer I should expect or get is "XP"
(note: no "Windows"). And this comes from seemingly educated people...

The life in a Windows-oriented environment also means that many of the
mass-mails that go around can be deleted upon arrival. Too much of it is
about Windows security issues (server cracked a couple of weeks back) and
viruses. It's comforting to know that while you get your work done
uninterrupted, a colleague on your left is 'sanitising' his drive and
another waits for several days until the IT staff removes a virus or
reassembled the machine (yes, they actaully did that after a virus

Best wishes,


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