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Re: Take Action

__/ [ z ] on Wednesday 04 October 2006 00:11 \__

> I've started the habit of emailing companies who only provide versions of
> their software for Windows and requesting a version of their software that
> will run on Linux.
> I went to the Quickbooks Web site recently and saw that even their
> Web-based version of Quickbooks requires Windows.
> It is amazing that a company would release a major Web-based program that
> only runs on one browser on one operating system.
> I emailed Intuit to let them know that I don't use Windows, but that I am
> interested in buying Quickbooks.  This was their response:
>> I have added you to the count of the many users who want QuickBooks
>> Online to work with Linux.
>> I too hope one day the developers fix the program to work with both Linux
>> and MAC.  They are aware of the large demand.  In fact, I would get Linux
>> for work if they would change it.
> From that email it seems that they are counting how many Linux users are
> requesting Linux versions of Windows-only software.  I would bet that Adobe
> keeps track of those requests also.
> If there are any Linux users who might be interested in purchasing
> Quickbooks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc., it might help to email those
> companies and let them know that you are interested in a Linux version.
> Money talks.  A strong demand for Linux versions of these programs might
> speed up the process.
> Some people might not be interested in running proprietary software on
> their
> computers.  In other cases, the lack of certain proprietary software makes
> switching to Linux impossible for some people, and slows down the adoption
> of Linux.  (There are ways to run Windows inside of Linux, but I don't
> think I can do it because I have only a Windows XP *upgrade* CD.)
I'm still waiting for a reply from Intel. That one poor lad must have
received thousands of angry messages thanks to the BSD folks.



        OpenBSD: Intel Accused Of Being "An Open Source Fraud"

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