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Re: [News] MySQL on the 'Invisible Hand'

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Tuesday 03 October 2006 14:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> MySQL sees 'invisible hand' at work in open source
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | IDGNS: Is MySQL's current dominance of the open-source database market
>> | ever a cause for concern?
>> | 
>> | Mickos: I do hear sometimes from staff, "We're great. We don't need to
>> | work." But then our engineers are very self-deprecating and they get
>> | embarrassed about any problems. It's a balancing act. Sometimes, I have
>> | to say to the organization, "Cheer up, we have a great product;" other
>> | times, "Don't be complaisant. We're not done yet." If we're good, we
>> | keep going at it until we feel we're done and can rest. If something bad
>> | happens, we should work a little bit harder to get it done. Like it
>> | looked bad when Oracle acquired InnoDB. At first it was "What the heck
>> | are we going to do?" But we turned it to our advantage.
>> `----
>> The latter (closing) part echoes the issues that may plague Microsoft and
>> led it to the production of shoddy software that never gets delivered. No
>> competition, no ambition, no innovation, the customer suffers. PostgreSQL
>> could soon give them a wakeup call.
> My view is don't be complaisant, your MySQL installs are much more tricky
> now than they once were. I used to put on a blindfold, tie one arm behind
> my back and hop on one leg just to make the install more interesting. But
> can't do that these days, haven't managed a clean one step install for ages
> on Redhat or suse (I mean manual install).
> Then they is the failed upgrade and the difficulties in back peddling to
> the previous working system.
> MySQL is a great product, but they is a lot to keep the chaps busy.

Yes, I agree. There's nothing more dangerous than reaching a state of static
development (or bugfixes only), which leaves only marketing in the picture.
The one thing worse than this lack of ambition is lack of competition, which
is sometimes a by-product of proprietary formats that lock the customer in
for good.

Best wishes,


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