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Re: Opera on PDA and Phones

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Monday 02 October 2006 11:28 \__

> Just a quick bit of praise for Opera on handhelds.
> I like PDAs but the IE browser is a bit tricky to use because it doesn't
> handle multiple pages very well, but also it makes no attempt to render the
> pages in a way that is comfortable on the small PDA/Phone screens.
> Opera's browser is much better. It keeps it's tabbed browsing which makes
> flipping between pages easier. It also keeps some of it's session
> capabilities, so you can open the browser with your favourite few web sites
> already opened for you. All except one of my regular web sites work well on
> my PDA including two that need multiple windows for menu, tools and main
> display, the only one that doesn't is a chat system but I suspect that is
> because of a java engine problem because it does actually try to open the
> window.
> But much more important, it renders the pages for the device. So you get a
> nice comfortable page that is easy to browse. Obviously not as neat as a
> full screen page image, but very usable.
> Wouldn't you have thought that this rendering for the device or screen
> would have occured to the programmers of PDA's? But it seems to somehow be
> missed in the web browser and the book readers.
> So if you get PDA then get Opera for your browsing and Acrobat for your
> book reading.
> If Opera would like to send me a teeshirt I take a large, thankyou.

Opera is also standards-compliant (among the best in that respect). And it's
said to be very good.

Opera 8.0 vs. Pocket IE: The Battle of Mobile Browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking at the above table, it is not rocket science to determine that
| Opera 8.0 beats Pocket Internet Explorer hands down. Pocket IE is suitable
| for casual browsers who seldom use their mobile devices for serious
| surfing. The innovative features of Opera bring it very close to its
| desktop counterpart. If all you do is check mails and that too seldom,
| we would recommend Pocket IE. If you are that tech-savvy person who would
| not settle for anything but the best, we would hands down recommend Opera
| as the mobile browser of choice.


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