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[News] Windows Vista: Delays, Delays, More Delays and Doubt

Microsoft's Vista faces delays as public tests continue

,----[ Quote ]
| David Bradshaw, principal analyst for Ovum, the technology research
| group, said that delays to the full release of Vista remained a danger,
| noting that such testing programmes are becoming increasingly normal. He
| said that public testing programmes were useful in highlighting problems
| of compatibility, where the software fails to work properly with certain 
| printers, software programs or hardware.
| Although the discovery of a problem could force a rewrite, Mr Bradshaw
| said, "it would have to be a pretty major problem to derail (the release)". 


It seems like the next Windows ME. Maybe they can officially release it now
for everyone to become an alpha tester. It's nothing unprecedented or out of
the ordinary.


Microsoft wants more Vista testers

,----[ Feed Excerpt ]
| It hopes to have about 5 million testers checking out latest version
| of Windows update, as it tries to stamp out bugs.


Analysts: Microsoft Changes Meaning Of 'Release Candidate'

,----[ Quote ]
| Two industry watchers say Microsoft is corrupting the term, leading to
| major confusion among customers and others about whether the operating
| system is truly ready to evaluate.
| Two analysts Thursday accused Microsoft Corp. of changing the meaning
| of "release candidate" by pushing out a version of Windows Vista that
| still needs major work.
| [...]
| Joe Wilcox, an analyst with JupiterResearch, said that Microsoft's
| corrupted the term.


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