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Re: Linux wins yet again

__/ [ Roy Culley ] on Monday 02 October 2006 00:34 \__

> My eldest daughter visited us today. She has a mobile phone that can
> play mp3's. She says that on her Windows PC the SW doesn't see the
> phone when she connects it using the usb cable. I asked her if she
> connected the phone before installing the SW. She did and on reading
> the doc it said on page 3 do not connect the phone before installing
> the SW. Tough shit for her.
> So I connect the phone to my laptop running Gentoo. This bits a wee
> bit geeky. I checked /var/log/messages and noticed a device /dev/sdb1
> had been created. I mounted it and could see her mobile phone with an
> empty mp3 directory.
> She had brought a CD with her. I once ripped a CD a long time ago but
> had forgotten how I did it. Google to the rescue. A quick search
> pointed me to grip. 'emerge -av grip' installed 9 packages. Ran grip
> with the CD in and it started ripping away without me doing
> anything. Took quite a while but when it finished all I had to do was
> copy the mp3 files to her mobile phone.
> No doubt I did all this the hard way. I'm sure other, more user
> friendly, distro's make this easier. Still it was very simple as far
> as I'm concerned.
> Now why did I give the mp3 player I got as an xmas present from work a
> couple of years ago to my other daughter. :-)

Better yet, go for a /real/ (*wink*) distro with a 2.6 kernel and follow the
steps below (brackets indicate passive step).

* Plug in phone
[* Window will pop up with the file manager, set on the mobile phone's
* Enter music CD into drive
[* Window pops up with the file manager. In KDE, the file listing will
contain (virtual) directories for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, etc.]
* Drag MP3 directory from one window (CD) to the mobile phone's window
[* Wait for a while]
[* Job done]

Look ma! All GUI. Drag-and-drop.

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