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[News] Ajax Makes Open Source a Widespread Phenomenon

Demystifying Open Source Ajax Toolkits

,----[ Quote ]
| Passing over dozens of excellent packages and thousands of perfectly
| adequate solutions, I selected high-profile toolkits supported by the
| most stable organizations: Dojo, Google Web Toolkit, Microsoft Atlas,
| Open Rico and Prototype, Yahoo Ajax Library, and Zimbra's Kabuki
| Ajax Toolkit. Microsoft's Atlas may not be open source -- the
| license includes terms that would rankle a devotee -- but the code you
| create with the system is yours to license as you like, and you'll be able
| to create Atlas apps with few practical restrictions.


As I mentioned before, Microsoft once again snubs and ridicules
interoperability efforts.

OpenAjax Alliance tackles interoperability

,----[ Quote ]
| While the alliance already has an impressive list of members, one
| name remains conspicuously absent: Microsoft.


Atlas, which is Microsoft's work in that area, seems destined to become
MSIE-only, or something that is closely-bound to proprietary development
tools (think ActiveX controls).

Also recent:


The AJAX Wildfire Spreads: AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2-4 October


Sun to shine on AJAX

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