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[News] Person Ditching Vista for Linux, Impressed by Eye Candy, Says Linux Users Are Nicer

Linux people are nice, Windows aren't

,----[ Quote ]
| This morning I received a comment from jagwah offering me a free copy
| of Ubuntu, thankyou that?s a kind thought, and then there is everytime
| I post something on this blog or on a linux forum, I get a nice
| comment or reply back, very helpful, overall giving me a very nice
| impression of Linux users.


XGL - Alternative to Windows Aero

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems to me that a lot of people like Windows Vista because of
| the eye-candy Windows Aero that is included in the new OS, well
| there are alternatives and these are seen in most major releases
| of Linux including Mandriva, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.


Enabling eye cnady has become very simple, as the following Ubuntu
screenshots (walkthrough) show.

Install NVidia driver in Feisty (the easy way)

,----[ Quote ]
| Installation is just click and click - everything is there for you in
| Feisty!
| It seems some of you still experience problems, so here is a very
| easy tutorial.


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