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Re: [News] DRM is Dying, But Draconian Studios Want to Control Your Television

Robert Newson <ReapNewsB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Mark Kent wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>DRM won't last: Zimmermann
>>>,----[ Quote ]
>>>| "I think that in the long run, we will look back at DRM as a
>>>| temporary phase," says Phil Zimmermann, inventor of the PGP
>>>| (Pretty Good Privacy) cryptography system for e-mail.
>>>American Studios' Secret Plan to Lock Down European TV Devices
>>>,----[ Quote ]
>>>| An international consortium of television and technology companies is 
>>>| devising draconian anti-consumer restrictions for the next generation of 
>>>| TVs in Europe and beyond, at the behest of American entertainment giants.
>>>| [...]
>>>| Having failed in those efforts, they have now turned to creating
>>>| technical standards that, when backed by law, are likely to
>>>| restrict consumers' existing rights and threaten the future of
>>>| technological innovation.
>> Does anything good ever come out of the US these days?  Personally, I
>> will not buy anything which doesn't have a standard, unencumbered I/O
>> capability.  I've got a few DVB devices, all of which provide standard
>> video out - they work fine.
>> My suspicion is that if the current mainstream manufacturers try to
>> shaft their own customers in this way at the request of some Americans,
>> then people will get upset and will look for alternative suppliers.
> I find it interesting how the Americans are butting in everywhere and the 
> current comments about a replacement for Trident in the UK.
> The start of the first series of Yes Prime Minister (the satrical sit-com of 
> 1986+) was at the time of the replacement for Polaris (by Trident!).  In it 
> Jim Hacker PM as his first job as PM decides to cancel Trident and go with 
> conventional forces, saving £15b.  Here was an exchange between Sir Humphrey 
> & Jim Hacker when Sir Humphrey tells him that the Americans would have to be 
> informed and they wouldn't like the £15b order cancelled:
> JH: Who is it who has the last word about the government of Britain; the 
> British Cabinet or the American President?
> SH: ...I must admit to being a bit of a heretic.  I think it's the British 
> Cabinet, but...I know I'm in the minority.
> How true, how true...

I recall Yes PM very well indeed, in fact, there are some audio re-runs
on BBC7 which are well worth the listen.  On the governance front,
I am increasingly concerned with the direction the US government
is going, and just how close it is appropriate for HMG to be to it.
C4 news tonight had a lot of coverage of an Arab chap who'd confessed to
pretty much everything from assinating a President to assinating a Pope,
bombing parliament, inventing nuclear weapons and probably half-inching my
dinner money when I was a kid.  Of course, and *this* is the major issue,
you can get anything from someone if you torture them, deny them legal
representation and deny them access to witnesses.  You'd think we were
discussing a banana republic, not a country with pretensions to freedom
and democracy.

And how does Blair publicly describe Guantanamo Bay?

 "It's an anomoly".  

 What a foul person he is - the sooner he is out of office the better -
 anyone who aids and abets torturers should be in jail, not in No 10.

Ahh, politics.

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