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Re: [BREAKING NEWS] OLPC sued by US based Nigerian company!

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Karen Hill on Wednesday:


Nicholas Negroponte and the OLPC association have been sued
for patent infringement.  The US based Nigerian company
claims that the OLPC association violates its patents on
keyboard design.


Hold on a second.

Nigerian Patent Infringement Lawsuit: Scam or Shame?

,----[ Quote ]
After reading that story I went to look for the Nigerian
Patent Office's website, unfortunately according to the WIPO
(World Intellectual Property Organization) directory there's
no such thing. Probing further I found that the Nigerian
Industrial Property Offices use a @yahoo.com e-mail address.
That was the point where I stopped my search for an
online-version of Patent # RD8489 even though I would really
liked to take a look at it!


I found this quote of interest:

LANCOR is a pioneer in the development of advanced physical multilingual keyboard technology using four shift keys and characters with combining properties to allow for direct access typing of accents, symbols and diacritical marks during regular typing. LANCOR's technology named Shift2 keyboard technology has been used to create a new class of region specific based keyboards called KONYIN Multilingual Keyboards, which are currently on sale globally. (http://www.konyin.com)

For example,


How can anyone violate a patent on standard style key click additional keys, used in a shift arrangement? So what if they produce additional key codes by being used in a shift arrangement? IMHO, there is nothing innovative about that.

Original concept on patents were to protect one's work - and I mean "WORK", i.e., labour, time and costs expended, research, on something that was a REAL and uniquely innovative invention.

Nowadays they would even patent CTRL-ALT-DEL. Perhaps I should file for a "H-P-T" key code patent. :-)

This is maddening.


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