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[News] More GNU/Linux in Healthcare, as an Appliance

  • Subject: [News] More GNU/Linux in Healthcare, as an Appliance
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:31:16 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
CHILI U.S.A. and CHILI GmbH Enhanced Partnership Expands Telemedicine Service
to U.S. Healthcare Providers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based appliances form building blocks with which system architects 
| and radiology service providers can adapt their PACS infrastructure and 
| workflow processes efficiently and comprehensively.  


Healthcare technology suppliers move to Linux for reliability.


Reside@HOME: Linux For Elderly Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| Via an Internet connection and web browser, the caregiver(s) can create 
| messages that display on the Reside@HOME Monitor as well as managing a 
| phone/address book, displaying photographs on the monitor, managing photo 
| albums, personal medical information, and other features. There are elderly 
| enhancements to all of these areas such as supporting an image-driven phone 
| book as opposed to just plain text. Remotely, caregivers can intuitively 
| tweak this Linux-based environment to change the audio level on the 
| Reside@HOME Monitor along with the font size/type and even the 
| theme/appearance. The selectable themes include optimizations for care 
| receivers with Macular Degeneration and other eye impairments.         


The Coming Electronic Health Record Software Disaster

,----[ Quote ]
| Free and Open Source Software has an answer for EHR businesses as well. They 
| need not go out of business: They can switch to being non-proprietary vendors 
| by simply changing their licensing terms and making their software available 
| for download on Sourceforge or better yet simply using available 
| non-proprietary EHR software. What is in it for them is vastly better 
| infrastructure, more satisfied customers and much greater acceptance of EHR 
| software that protects the rights of patients and doctors. This is unlikely 
| to happen in the current climate.       


NHS computer boss failed IT exams 

,----[ Quote ]
| Mary Granger is amazed that her son was put in charge of a £20bn
| project to transform the NHS's computer system. She is less
| surprised that his 'Connecting for Health' project is over-budget,
| behind schedule and threatening to become the biggest IT disaster
| in history.


Linux in Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux in healthcare is a tale of things seen and unseen. Linux/Open
| Source have enjoyed tremendous popularity in embedded systems and
| networks for major technologies used in healthcare that healthcare
| providers may not even be aware of.


Synapse EMR (Linux port)

,----[ Quote ]
| Synapse EMR is being ported to Linux. Alpha builds are now available to
| play with (Libc6). 


Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. Announces Migration of CPSI System to Linux
Operating System

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer Programs and Systems, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare 
| information solutions, today announced the migration of the CPSI healthcare 
| information system to the Linux operating system.  


McKesson First to Offer Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| As a leading provider of technology solutions to the healthcare
| industry, McKesson has been at the forefront of innovative
| technologies, deploying many of its advanced Horizon Clinicals
| applications on Linux running on Intel-based hardware. Hospitals
| with these deployments have already realized cost savings of up
| to 60% compared with traditional system deployments.


IBM and Convergence CT Team to Provide Clinical Data Warehousing for
Healthcare and Life Sciences

,----[ Quote ]
| The IBM BCU is a fully integrated and scalable data warehouse
| solution for Linux that combines software, server, and storage
| resources to maximize business intelligence and information
| management performance for enterprises.


Editor's Corner (on Open Source in Healthcare)

,----[ Quote ]
| Suggesting that a private healthcare provider switch from
| proprietary software to open source-based applications is one
| thing. But when an official affiliated with as august a body as
| the United Nations suggests that all member countries adopt open
| source for their healthcare applications, that's a much bigger deal.


Next Gen, Mission-Critical Apps To Be Deployed on Linux Says Report

,----[ Quote ]
| By now it should be obvious to even the most casual industry observers
| that Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general -
| have reached critical marketplace mass. Recent Linux deals and
| announcements by Oracle and Microsoft have only reinforced the "open
| source is enterprise-grade" message that IBM, Unisys and other "Master
| Brand" hardware, software and services vendors have been preaching for
| years. In short, open source, especially Linux, is becoming "legitimized"
| by the major vendors for enterprise environments, and user executives
| are more than happy to believe them.


CIO study finds Linux ready for prime-time

,----[ Quote ]
| The company predicts a steep rise: only 18 percent of businesses
| will be using Linux in business-critical roles by the end of 2007.
| "Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general
| - have reached critical marketplace mass," said the study's authors,
| Bruce Guptill and Bill McNee of Saugatuck Research. 


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