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[News] Turkish Military Moves Thousands of PCs to Pardus GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] Turkish Military Moves Thousands of PCs to Pardus GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:41:10 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
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Real answers to the question “Can you run your business on Linux and open

,----[ Quote ]
| The first response was again very positive. “I have [a] connection with a 
| number who do this and all reckon they have saved lots of money” he said. 
| [...]
| He continued, “For the client OS migration, we are experiencing a large scale 
| project for the Turkish Military now. 5.500 clients will migrate to Pardus (a 
| Turkish government-backed Linux distribution.)”  
| He concluded with some words of advice to make a desktop Linux deployment be 
| successful: “For the client, you need a usable distribution (Pardus, Kubuntu, 
| Suse, etc) with support for Flash, Java, PDF files, and every imaginable 
| multimedia format right out of the box. That is, if you install Linux with 
| just clicking on next and these come. Then almost 99% of ordinary desktop 
| users will be satisfied.”     


Perhaps they realise that having the NSA's back doors in Windows isn't exactly
a great 'feature'. Nation by nation, the world departs from Windows.


Pardus Linux 2007.3 Duyuruldu

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus Linux version 2007.3 is now released.


Pardus Linux 2007.2 Review.

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus Linux  is funded by the Turkish government. With the support from the
| government, I hope that Linux and open source software  would  be given  more
| emphasis by the newly elected Turkey  government. 


Kurdish operating system under investigation by Turkish attorney general

,----[ Quote ]
| Previously, we reported that Kurdish Linux was launched in Turkey:
| Kurdish Ubuntu, a Linux distribution, was launched this week with a
| reception in Diyarbakir. Ubuntu was the first Linux distribution to
| implement Kurdish localization[1]. Kurdish localization in Linux was
| an important milestone for Turkey due to ethnic conflicts
| [...]
| Sources:
| "Kürtçe Linux haz?r - Kurdish Linux Ready". NTVMSNBC, November
| 23, 2006
| "Kürtçe yaz?l?ma soru?turma - Kurdish software under
| investigation". Milliyet, November 28, 2006
| [...]


Kurdish Linux launched in Turkey

,----[ Quote ]
| November 24, 2006
| Kurdish Ubuntu, a Linux distribution, was launched this week with a
| reception in Diyarbakir. Ubuntu was the first Linux distribution to
| implement Kurdish localization


Free Software Period To Begin In Public Organizations

,----[ Quote ]
| A new and free software period, which brings the
| utilization of Linux-based operating systems with open
| source codes instead of Microsoft's operating systems
| in computers, will begin in Turkish public
| organizations.
| The first application will be performed in the Draft
| Department of the Ministry of National Defence where
| Turkey's national software 'Pardus', developed by
| Scientific and Technological Research Council of
| Turkey (TUBITAK), will be used as the basic
| operating system.


Pardus Linux 2007.2 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The last time I tried Pardus (around 6 months ago) there were frequent 
| freezes, and I mean a lot; to such an extent that it did not allow me to do 
| anything usefull to it. But I can see the effect of consistent hard work from 
| pardus developors. Pardus is far from being complete but it is on the right 
| track, may be one year from now, it will be shine amongst rest of distros.    


Pardus 2007.2 - A Review

,----[ Quote ]
| I hope that with the recent release, Pardus will continue to climb the ranks 
| and get closer to the top where it deserves to be. For those looking for a 
| great out-of-the-box KDE-based distribution, I highly recommend giving Pardus 
| a shot, you will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, as I have a few 
| distributions lined up to review, I will be replacing Pardus with something 
| new tomorrow! For those that can advocate further, regarding their use with 
| Pardus, please post comments so other readers can see what you have  
| experienced.      


Pardus [Linux] 2007.2 - Unrivalled Wlan Support.

,----[ Quote ]
| I  managed  to get  these  5 wifi cards  connected  to my  Linksys router  
| via  the  WPA-PSK encryption protocol out-of-the-box  with the help of the  
| network manager. The connectivity was  excellent.  Despite  still  using  the  
| softmac stack  instead of  the  devicescape  stack, Pardus Kurulan  2007.2 
| (installation CD)  managed to conquer  all of these  notebook-based wlan 
| cards.     


Review: Pardus Linux 2007 Kurulan RC2
,----[ Quote ]
| I've suddenly become an advocate for Pardus Linux. I've thoroughly enjoyed 
| playing with this "Kurulan" RC2 release and actually find it as capable as  
| some of the much bigger players that I tend to toy with. It may not have the 
| biggest English community of all the distros but I hope that situation 
| changes because this is actually an excellent release.   


Review: Pardus Linux 2007.1
,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus is a relatively unknown release funded and developed by the
| Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.


Pardus 2007.1 -- Almost Perfect

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus is a unique distribution which has its own solutions which
| work very well. I think that the distribution deserves far greater
| renown than it has currently and if it keeps up such innovation
| and quality, it'll be an important player in the category of
| extensive desktop distributions.


Review: PCLinuxOS 2007 Test 3

,----[ Quote ]
| I look forward to seeing how this distribution, like SimplyMEPIS,
| continues to improve and bring a friendly and comprehensive
| configuration system to Linux. New Linux users would do well to
| check out either of these distributions. However if you're using
| a recent model Nvidia card, I have to recommend SimplyMEPIS
| over PCLinuxOS for its out of the box Nvidia driver support.


Pardus 2007.1: Warmly Recommended by Béranger pardus 

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus 2007.1 deserves much more attention than PCLinuxOS 2007 or Kubuntu.


A Second Look At Pardus 2007.1 RC: Surprises, Surprises

,----[ Quote ]
| My first look at Pardus 2007.1 Release Candidate was somehow
| pessimistic, however I was confident in the future.


Pardus Linux 2007.1 Felis chaus: Released!

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 3.5.6, a faster PiSi, better networking for wireless users...
| release announcement and Distrowatch brief.


Pardus gives Linux a custom lift

,----[ Quote ]
| Apart from a KDE desktop and applications, the developers of the
| Pardus 2007 Linux distribution have built an entire distribution
| from scratch. Pardus, released last month, has its own multilingual
| installer, custom dependency-resolving package manager, and an INIT
| system that slashes boot times by several seconds. The distribution
| has come a long way since its first release in 2005, when it was
| based on Gentoo and lacked a package manager. Thanks to its custom
| tools, it's one of the easiest Linux distribution to run and manage.
| [...]
| If you've been using a Linux distribution for some time, getting
| used to Pardus wouldn't take long, despite all its custom tools. New
| users will appreciate the ease in carrying out out system tasks such
| as setting up firewalls and managing startup services. With its 
| modest hardware requirements and streamlined boot scripts,
| Pardus could easily turn an old machine gathering dust into
| a modern Linux desktop.


Pardus Linux 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Having seen dozens of Linux distributions announcing themselves with
| great enthusiasm only to disappear at the sight of a first problem a
| few months later, I am not easily impressed by any new arrival on the
| Linux distro scene. As such, when the first stable release of Pardus
| Linux was announced in 2005, I found myself inserting the installation
| CD with a considerable amount of scepticism. 


Pardus -- a penguin from Turkey

,----[ Quote ]
| ardus is a Turkish distribution that comes with KDE as the default
| desktop. It is however not just another pack of known open source apps.


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