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Re: [News] (Linux-based) Consumer Devices 'Kill' the Desktop

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> ,----[ Quote ]
> | For years now I've complained about the term "desktop" - an evil word
> | that blinds us to more interesting opportunities to use free software in
> | consumer-facing products.
> | 
> | Look at all the recent examples.
> | 
> | Built on GNOME technology, we've had Maemo from Nokia and OpenMoko for a
> | while, and One Laptop Per Child.
> | 
> | More recently, we have the Kindle and Android.
> | 
> | Then no less than three consumer PC-like devices, running an
> | Internet-centric flavor of Linux; Zonbu, Everex gPC, and Asus Eee PC.
> | 
> | Zonbu emphasizes "Hassle-free. Guaranteed." because it backs up all your
> | data to the Internet for $12.95 per month. The OS is completely
> | stateless, i.e. doesn't keep anything locally that isn't backed up.
> | 
> | gPC asks you to "Imagine an OS with easy access to the best Web 2.0 can
> | offer" and shamelessly encourages you to think the "g" means Google as
> | best they can without getting sued...
> `----
> http://log.ometer.com/2007-11.html#21http://log.ometer.com/2007-11.html#21


Whats all this supposed to mean?

I think the word this guy is looking for is "Linux on the Desktop" to take
the fight to micoshaft rather get distracted about Linux devices
which in terms of dollar value for electronics goods
provide more income for retailers than micoshaft products today.

Everything from flat TVs to set top boxes and MP3 players, the stuff
runs embedded Linux. A million people a month are switching to Linux
and the rate is increasing. So "Linux on the Desktop" is where its going
with a fully integrated experience from Desktops to embedded devices
and Linux holds all the promises and the freedom to innovate even
further. Linux on the Desktop is the next strategy for retailers to
address and build up for themselves like the Wallmarts of today are doing.

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